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5 Ways to Prepare A Good Delicious Meal With Corn

5 Ways to Prepare A Good Delicious Meal With Corn

5 Ways to Prepare A Good Delicious Meal With Corn

Remember we treated various soups you can cook and everything you needed to get started. If you follow our teaching(s) carefully with the kin interest you will learn 10 Ways to Prepare a Good Delicious Meal with Corn without stress today.

What is Corn?

Corn simply is a wheat plant or crop or cereal that is been grown mainly in the raining season or irrigated. It gives energy to the body when consumed. But the problem we are having is that sometimes we depend on a one-way journey to prepare it. Do you know depending on one method over time is somehow boring? Today all you need to know about 10 Ways To Prepare A Good Delicious Meal With Corn will be discussed for everyone.

Health Benefits of Eating Corn

Cornmeal contains all the six classes of food depending on how it is being prepared.

  • If you eat it with pears you get carbohydrate and calcium or iron
  • If you use the porridge method you get carbohydrate, protein, fat and oil, calcium, etc
  • Frying and roasting method will still get you carbohydrate, calcium or iron
  • Water for digestion

How To Prepare A Good Delicious Meal With Corn – Top 10

  1. Roasting Method
  2. Cooking Method
  3. Powder Method
  4. Porridge Method
  5. Frying Method etc

Roasting Method:

Some Roasted Corn

How do you prepare good delicious cornmeal with the roasting method? Now quickly, it is very fast and simple. All you need to have to get started is either you use a local fire setup by firewood or a good roasting method you may consider perfects for you. Please avoid using a stove to roast your corn. Why you must avoid using stove is because of the chemical composition that will be embedded in it while roasting. At times it is very difficult to eat because of the kerosene smokes on it.

  • After seeing up the firewood fire structure, please ensure that it has lots of charcoal that have born for some minutes
  • Pill off your corn jacket. If it is dry corn you can do it this way. But if it is still fresh you can either pill the corn jacket off or you burn it directly.
  • Put the corn close to the fire but not inside the fire. Do this for better results. The body will be brownish in color and will taste good.
  • Keep turning the corn/maize front and back – rotate until you get results.

This could be eaten with pears. Wow, I am salivating. I love this food.

Cooking Method

Cooking Corn on Heat/fire

The cooking method is very quite simple to operate. But if you do not know how to do it, it will seem difficult to operate no matter the simplicity of it. Okay, quickly let’s look at how to prepare a good delicious meal with corn using the cooking method.

  1. The first thing to do is to wash your pot and keep
  2. Next thing you need to do is to pill off the stock/corn jacket off the corn and wash them into the pot
  3. The third thing to do is to put water into the pot and mix it with salts
  4. The number four thing you need to do is to Set-up your fire and boil it

Powder Method

Grind your maize or corn as you may decide to call it or use your own local dialect on it. We respect your own view so much and you can teach us too in the comments box. Now this method is where you make your pap or Akamu as its popularly known in Africa

This is a very long process and we can not detail them here right now but we will bring up an article that will guide you to get started. Pap or Akamu could be eaten with bread, Akara balls, bons, meat pie, etc. Pap is just like custard but the only difference is that custard has lots of powder contents while the pap is wet, Block and moist in nature.

Porridge Method

This porridge method is just like you cooking porridge but there are not the same. It can be cooked the same way Ekpang Nkuquo is being prepared. Learn more about this in our next article. Just keep a date with us.

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