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How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles – Outstanding Guide

How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles – Outstanding Guide

How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles

Are you looking for How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles? Indomie is one of the biggest brand of nuddles in Nigeria. They have branches in almost every city in Africa. Indome is being owned by Indonesia and have over 22 branches in the world. Now today how do you cook your indomie? Do you cook it right that it will taste good and will also make people silivate from the aroma? You know that there are people who will cook and you feel like eating it now due to the high aroma it is giving out. But the taste will be noting to write home about.

Today I will be showing you one of the ways that you an cook your indomie and make even someone who is not hungry want to taste it. Are you ready for the movement. Note Mimie is originally owned by Nigeria while Indomie is Indonesia.

How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles – Standard Requirement

  1. You need to have onions
  2. You must have seasoning cube(s) depending on the quantity
  3. Alittle proportion of salts (Iodized)
  4. Some scent leaves
  5. Curry or time or nut make
  6. Some pieces of meat or fish or a combination of both
  7. Crayfish can be an additional
  8. Pepper (Green pepper is recommended). Or you can combine both dry pepper and fresh pepper
  9. Water etc.

Other Equipment Required for the Preparation of Indomie and Mimie Noodles

  1. Burning furnace or stove or firewood. All this methods, individually for each has different ways of adding taste to food as well. This is what a lot of people are not aware of. If people are aware of what type of fire or heat system is suitable for a particular food, their meal or food will be very yummy and sumptuous. Now lets proceed to number two (2).
  2. You are required to have a pot and a frying pan. Now what is the function of this pot? The pot here will be used to first of all cook the indomie. While the frying pan will be used in frying the indomie. There is how you fry food that it does not really alter the originality of the food. Whatever you do, one ask for guildline and guidance. Do not expects or claim to know everything basically because you are able to eat it. Can we move to step 3, shall we.
  • Frying spoon and Fork needed. Did you asked yourself or may be imagining how you will cook your food without a spoon, fork, etc? It iwill not be funny at all, see what happen in this case; The frying spoon will be used for the frying of the indomie and eggs if you want it that way or for the frying of items like meat or fish that you want to use alongside. The fork may be used in removing the items fried. And please do not forget that as you are cooking indomie , it is not out of place to taste it if it is soft to your own level, okay. So you will be using any sooon at all to turn the indomie in other to avoid being burnt.

Indomie and Mime Noodles – The Cooking Method

I will not list out the steps in order but I will try as much as possible to give you the main idea of what to do. While im saying so is that experts are not seen with notebooks and only amateurs do that. Imagine reading up an article and it looks so professional and you cannot apply them. Is that article not useless? My God I don’t do that I have a lot of experience cooking various dishes and I will just give you my expert tips on this in a run down. Now are you ready???

  • Cut your indomie into the pot you want to use for cooking. You might decide to put it in full if you wish. There is no recommended standard unless you are cooking for commercial purpose. For that aspects you can comments down and I will tell you how to commercialize it and the things you will need to do….
  • Put some amount of water into the indomie inside the pot. Ensure that the water does not over due the items (Indomie) inside the pot
  • Steamer the indomie for some few minuites, I cant really state the minuites because it is dependent on the amount of indomie being cooked. But you will need to do is to observe your cooking and check if the indomie is soft to your expectation. And please do not forget that it is not out of place to add some water if it is not soft and the water is about drying. Though there are people who do not like it being soft completely, some love hard-soft indomie and some like the other way round. Do you want to know the other way round. Don’t worry you know what im talking about. Now lets see the next to do list.
  • If the indomie cooked by you has reach the state that you wish, you may bring in your ingredients inside the pot. But wait I just remember something. You know too much starch is not good for some people especially elderly people who have come of age, also too much protein is not also good. So if you are and aged individual, you can remove some wate from the indomie before adding your ingredients. Or you can remove all the water and replace with another water before adding your condiments. It is wrong for you to remove water after adding your condiments. Please take note.
  • While doing the above set up another heat system, or if you don’t have it you can as well wait until you finish with cooking the indomie.Now add a little quantity of vegitable oil or coconut oil in pan and do your frying of meat, eggs, fish and all the fryables. If you do not want to fry them you can add them together with the condiments if they have been already cook. For meat is it is not cooked I don’t advise you to add it but fry it or you cook it. Fish does not have problem because it is quick to be cooked than meat, so at any time you bring it in, you are safe J.
  • The last thing you are to put in your indomie is scent leaves example curry etc.

To Conclude:

There is noting much you are done with pour preparation, if this article on How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles – (How to cook Indomie Mime Noodles) was of use to you please why not use few minuites and share it with your friends on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and on whatsapp. At the end of the day we have all learn how to prepare indomie with one of the experts guide. Thank you for reading our How to cook Indomie and Mime Noodles.

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