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How To Cook Jollof Rice – Best Method 2019

How To Cook Jollof Rice – Best Method 2019

How To Cook Jollof Rice – Best Method 2019

The last time, we talked about How To Cook Rice and Beans. And today, How To Cook Jollof Rice will be our center point of focus. So are you all ready for the gist? Now, do you know that jollof rice is one of the most popular food serve in Nigeria as well as Ghana and some other African countries?

One of the things that make people tend to love jollof rice, is the attraction that it gives in color and sumptuous taste. That is one of the reasons (s) it is highly demanded in occasions like; wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, burial/funeral premises church activities, and restaurants. You can eat it with a vegetable salad or fried plantain or whatever you might wish to use it with.

Ingredients and Items Needed on How To Cook Jollof Rice – Best Method 2019

ATTENTION PLEASE: The below format is just an example you can increase it or reduce it depending on what you want for yourself.

Ingredients and spices for cooking jollof rice

  • Four (4) cups Rice needed, you can use 1 kg Beef, Fish, Goatmeat, Chicken, etc
  • Four (4) cups of blended tomatoes, 1 cup Tomato paste to mix and spice it up
  • You can use two (2) Onion, carefully chopped, Add 1 Paprika AND Chilli Pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon of Curry, 1 tablespoon of thyme, three (3) Seasoning cubes
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Ginger, and it should be ground, 1 clove, Garlic needed, Vegetable Oil needed (1 cup)

Steps on How To Cook Jollof Rice – Top 10

  • Your number one thing to do when you are preparing food with meat is to season your meat with spices before doing any other thing.
  • Depending on how you want to prepare it; you can Fry or grill the meat to serve your own purpose
  • Use about 8-10mins to Parboil your rice then wash it and remove from water; it will help reduces excess starch and preservative as well.
  • Wah your pot/pan and dry it clean; then Pour your oil into it – vegetable oil, groundnut oil, soya oil, olive oil recommended.
  • Put some onions and fry till it looks yummy.
  • Now fry for about 15mins with your blended tomatoes and paprika
  • Getting ready for another step, now empty your stock into the tomato puree use 10mins to allow it to cook
  • The sauce is now ready, all you need to do now is to Pour it into the rice. Once this is done it is expected to cover the surface of the rice in the pot
  • You should remain some onions for this step; apply the rest of the onions into the pot to mix it up with the spices
  • salt and pepper should always be the last thing to do and then add it to taste. Please observe the ones in Sauce so you will know the quantity to put. If at all it demands.
  • Finally, you are done all you need to do now is to cook till it dries and still grainy (It should be not mashy).

Summary on How To Cook Jollof Rice

Did you get the idea of the whole matter today? We so far discussed How To Cook Jollof Rice – with the best method in 2019 and this method is our own method we think is best. You can use this method to learn how to cook Jollof rice from anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your house.

Quickly before we opt out, we made mention that Nigeria and Ghana are the two (2) most popular country in Africa today know for patronizing jollof rice. Boil your rice/parboil it with hot water after few minutes just wash it and keep.

Go and prepare your sauce using tomatoes, onions, pepper, water, time, ginger and so on. The quantity you use depends on the amount or number of rice you are preparing. Put your rice into the pot and cook for some times the pour your sauce into it and cook until it gets dry

NOTE: Do not allow it to get very dry until it gets burnt and also do not let it be mashy. Limit the water you have in your rice before pouring in your sauce or else you will not get what you are looking for. 

Please do let us know where you do not understand and we will do well to attend to you in the comments box. We love you all.

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