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How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice – Best Method 2019

How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice – Best Method 2019

How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice – Best Method 2019

You are about to learn our premium guide on How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice. Where you can easily see pepper soup is in places like local restaurants, bars, and hotels though not all places. Pepper soup can be eaten with white rice, yam, sweet potatoes or eaten like that with the water and meat. And as the name implies -“PEPPER SOUP” it should not look so warm so as not to make you go nostalgic and it should not be too perish also. Sents leaves are one of those things that will give your soup the flavor it deserves and gets people salivating for it from a distance point.

Ingredients On How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice

Before you start cooking your pepper soup, there are some items or ingredients you must have in place and they are very cheap. If you leave in your own compound you can plat some of those vegetables and it will cut the cost of spending unnecessarily. Let us consider some of those items needed to prepare pepper soup. Do not forget that How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice is still our focus.

  1. MEAT – Goatmeat, Chicken or Fish can be used
  2. Seasoning Cubes – Maggi, Knorr, Chef, Rico, etc. Note Maggi you just saw is not recommended in case you intend using it.  It does not mean that it will go wrong but I personally do not recommend it.
  3. Onions needed
  4. Pepper will be required
  5. Ground Uhuru seeds needed
  6. Salt required
  7. Use Scent Leaf, mint leaf, etc. Be careful with the leaf you are using so you will not end up throwing your pepper soup into the bush or dust bin.

How to Cook Pepper Soup Rice – Required Steps

  • Number 1 Step:

Meat Seasoning – You have to cook and season the meat well using the available ingredients you have at your disposal. Remember we listed them above,

  • Step 2:

The second thing to do here is to add water to it and cook until it becomes soft.

  • Third one:

Some people do add some pepper soup spices. If it is necessary to add it if not just allow it to be.

  • 4th Method:

Now it is time to introduce your scent leaf to it. Chop it properly to spices and apply it.

  • Method six:

We almost forgot to add salt, now add it to taste. Boil yam, plantain, etc do go very well with it. You need to try this out and give me a call when you are done and we will allow you write an article on how you prepared your own pepper soup then we publish it on our websites with your name attached to it.

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Summary on How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice

To conclude this article let me give a rundown of what you need to do quickly on How To Cook Pepper Soup Rice where ever in the world. We have given some items ingredients needed on how to cook pepper soup rice such as meat, pepper, onions, seasoning cubes, and the recommended ones have been started especially if you are in Nigeria.

All we are trying to say is that do not like using any seasoning cube that contains many salts. Then you need a scented leaf to spice it up. You need to season your meat and cook it too often before thinking of applying your scent leaf. First, add very little water to it and spice it up with the ingredients you have at your disposal. for me, my scents leaf is always the last thing on my mind.

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