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How to Prepare Moi Moi

How to Prepare Moi Moi

How to Prepare Moi Moi

You are about to be exposed to how to prepare moi moi and how you can do it the right way. Now let’s gets started.

Meaning and Overview About Moi Moi

This is a very common, nutritious food or put it – mean in Nigeria ha could be either taken as a Breakfast or as a Lunch or as a dinner in all homes. Ever country has their own way of preparing it and even if in Nigeria there are still different any ways moi-moi could be prepared.

A lot of people love using leaves to prepare it, others may prepare bag foil. Do not worry about this, we will be treating all this as we proceed but our main concern today is to let you know how you can produce or cook moi moi for yourself, family, friends and also as a commercial preposition as well.

Things Moi Moi Could be taken with;

It is commonly seen accompanying Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Plantain, Custard, Akamu (Pap, Ogi) etc. It can even be eaten alone as a snack with a chilled soft drink to wash it down.

Ingredients Used For The Preparation of Moi Moi

Without wasting much time, below are the available ingredients you can at least start with. The more professional you become the more discoveries you make and the more efficient your cooking becomes. But for now, let us try out the following ingredients for preparing moi moi.

  1. habanero pepper
  2. big onions
  3. cool or warm water
  4. ground nutmeg
  5. vegetable oil
  6. peppers or watery tomato puree
  7. stock Seasoning cubes
  8. ground crayfish
  9. Some cigar cups or Beans (Brown/Black eyed)

Equipment and Tools Required for the Preparation of Moi Moi


  1. You need a Blender
  2. Have a Chopping board
  3. Get a Deep Pot
  4. Knives is needed
  5. Spatula is required

Moi Moi Preparation Guide

ATTENTION: Before you start out the business proper, ensure you wash everything that you are going to use in the preparation of moi moi. Be very hygienic okay.

  • The following should be blended; beans, tatashe or tomato puree, onions, crayfish, habanero pepper and ground nutmeg all at once, but its okay if you want to grind them separately but that will be another assignments of yourself.

After you have finish grinding those items, all you need to do is to empty them inside a clean bowl and cover very well. Ensure you add a little water and stir properly. That water could come from rinsing of the mortar if you are using mortar or the engine if it is clean. Or better yet add water by yourself if you evaluate that the stuff you will be rinsing will be un-hygienic.

  • Now vegetable oil, bone marrow stock can be added especially if that is what is available at your reach. It’s okay let’s move on
  • Let’s assume you did not stir the mixture when you added a little water. Now add a little water again and mix together.
  • On this note, salt should be added and mix to taste
  • Now get a bot, put some water into it then scoop those mixtures in equal proportions into bags or leaves. Tie them very well & Insert them into a pot.
  • After that is done, set fire to it and allow it to cook.
  • Do not put excess water into the pot while cooking it. Make it minimum and as time goes on make some checks to see if it needs adding of more water. This is done to prevents the moi moi from being watery.
  • Don’t rush over it, time you’re cooking well to avoid getting burnt or half done,

NOTE: Time depends on the amount of moi moi you are cooking. Every amount of moi moi has its own different set time. Now lets run down below.

  • St time for every moi moi cook should be at least an hour (1 hour), after that gab has elapsed, open the pot, pierce the foil, leaves or water proof you used for the stuff and see if it is done.

How do you know if moi moi is done or cooked properly; after cooking for one hour pierce the container of poi moi, if it stains in your knife a lot, know that it is still immature? But if it stains little and rocky hard, then know that is done or almost done.

You are done cooking moi moi.


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Food To Use Moi Moi With

Server moi moi with

  • Pap, bread, rice, beans, tea, yogurt, soft drinks (Except alcoholic drinks), muddles etc.


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